Food and Drink at HawksHead


From drinks and a snack to a gourmet meal, open for lunch and dinner. Join us at the HawksHead Restaurant!

Whether it’s time to relax after a great round of golf, or go out for a fine dining experience, the Inn at HawksHead is your destination. The pub’s old time atmosphere and varied menu satisfy all comers. While the main dining room’s understated elegance and gourmet cuisine delight the senses. Both offer panoramic views of the woods and links through floor to ceiling windows.

Come join us for dinner in one of the most beautiful natural settings you’ll find to enjoy a relaxing, wonderfully prepared meal.

Food Philosophy from Chef Paul Adams


When looking at food I try to go beyond the gates; I try reinventing yesterday by bringing things we all love into a new light so we can see the craft in a new perspective while the integrity of the dish still remains. Are my ideas new or old?  I don’t really know.  Farm fresh food is not exactly a new idea and neither is growing herbs in your own back yard.  Well, those are two things I love to do.

   We have all spent our lives creating memories; the smells in the fall inspiring us to have cider and spiced doughnuts and winter bringing us hot cocoa and the essence of hard woods burning in the fire place, spring giving us new life as the flowers begin to bloom, and summer with the freshest fruits and vegetables growing in our gardens. Each smell and every bite we take stamps a new thought and memory into our minds. As we take a look at food, we hope to inspire new memories and reimagine old ones from our past. I am often asked what my favorite food is and every time my mind goes directly to my mother making shepherd’s pie, my childhood favorite and my favorite even today as it takes me back to a time of family gathering around and shoveling piles of this humble meal onto our plates as we laugh and tell stories of our day. Food tells a story and speaks different to us all. So let us write a piece in your culinary diary as we try to be the author of your entrée.

   This year we have decided to attack food head on and head strong with fearless ambition, trying to awaken our senses as we walk a path of culinary enlightenment. When we look at food we try to see it for what it is and what it could be. Dissecting what it is that we truly love in the meals that we cherish and hold so close to our hearts. Through the art of plating as well as with the taste and texture of the meal and the aroma that surrounds as we dine, we will strive to create a gastronomically artistic dining experience that you will hold dear to you with anticipation of your next culinary experience.
   Humility, Dedication, and Sacrifice is the motto of our kitchen as we give our all and strive to indulge in a truly unique dining understanding. As we carefully prepare our stations for service, we do it with the consideration that each person who enters our facility is the VIP of that moment. I will strive to do my best to lead this motley crew of new millennium pirates into the night creating and re-understanding this ocean of cuisine that surrounds us. We look forward to seeing you come and enjoy this new flavor experience with us as we try to meet or exceed your expectations.
Executive Chef,
Paul Matthew